InnerMusician Teachers Pack


All The Tools You Need To Introduce Improvisation to your Studio

Guide your students to explore their own musical personality in a fun and inspirational learning environment with InnerMusician

Coaching videos

Coaching Videos

Introductory coaching videos outlining key concepts and important conversations to have with students and their coaches as well as fun lesson ideas.

Live lesson videos

Live Lesson Videos

Each new musical idea or "motif" comes with an example video of program creator Lyndel Kennedy teaching the concept in a live classroom situation.

Teacher Notes

Teacher Notes

Downloadable teacher notes cover all aspects of the teaching journey from introductory conversations to key theoretical concepts and lesson planning.

Marketing materials

Marketing Materials

Everything needed to promote the Play a Story program in your studio including, flyers, graphics, business cards, prospective parent and teacher presentations.

Tech assistance

Tech Assistance

We are committed to making your teaching experience simple and trouble free. We provide technical tips and one-on-one assistance as required.

Teacher support group

Teacher Support Group

A dedicated and private Facebook group for InnerMusician teachers to share their triumphs, challenges and to ask questions of our supportive teacher community.

What Other Teachers Are Saying

Hundreds of teachers have used Play A Story to capture the imagination of learners of all ages.

Sandy L

'No student should be without Play a Story! This program is universally appealing. Play a Story has been a definite aid in helping adults to relax about their playing. All of my students have blossomed in both composition and improvisation. The program really solidifies the idea for students that music is not on a sheet of paper, but rather inside each one of us.'

Julia B

'This is just such a simple easy concept to teach and for students to grasp, it makes improvising very easy and takes all the intimidation out of it. It is a very rewarding program to teach.

This is the part that amazes me - it is so easily accessible… to every age or proficiency. The simpler motifs make it easy for beginning students to jump right in, and yet they still provide a creative challenge for more advanced players. I'm seeing a huge increase in expressive playing.

It's a very freeing experience. Homes are being filled with music, and singing and creativity!'

Annette S

'We need, as teachers, to understand the importance of having our students improvise and create their own music. This personal creativity is what brings playing piano into the true artistic expression that it is. Giving my students the encouragement to create their own music is the most important thing I do, in my opinion. Instead of teaching performance, I want to help people express themselves as artists.

Play a Story has given me the perfect avenue to do just that! Play a Story is so unique! It brings real art, music, and beauty to a child's world.'

Simple Pricing

Our high quality, thoroughly researched and extensively used teacher materials are available now for a yearly subscription fee of $180

Includes access to all learner materials (value $60 per annum). All students are required to purchase their own Play a Story materials for home practice. 


Teacher Studio Licence

$180 per year

Teacher Resources

  • Licence to teach InnerMusician Programs
  • Teacher Training Notes
  • Live Student Lesson Videos
  • Step-by-step Lesson plans
  • Student completion certificates
  • Student enrolment forms
  • Marketing design suite
  • BONUS One-on-one chat/coaching session with program creator Lyndel Kennedy

Included Learner Materials

  •  24 different inspirational scenes
  • 134 animated story book videos
  • 186 lesson review videos
  • 24 downloadable audio tracks
  • 111 beginner and advanced imrov demonstration videos
  • 35 motif demonstration videos
  • 90 improvisation videos
  • 48 original play-along movies
  • downloadable charts, motif summaries, key theoretical concepts and more!
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