The InnerMusician Butterfly

 The butterfly is InnerMusician’s mascot. We just love the way it reflects the profound impact that creative music can have in our lives. The parallels can be found in so many aspects of this beautiful creature.


The butterfly is free to explore at will. InnerMusician creates a space where musicians can move freely through a world of imagination, expression and spontaneity. This can be a reath of fresh air for our students in a world where so much learning is directed and assessed through academic criteria.


Just imagine... a humble little caterpillar becoming a magnificent, dazzling, winged creature. Surely this is the product of the wildest, most extravagant and playful imagination possible! InnerMusician strives to emulate that imagination.


The change from caterpillar to butterfly requires a radical transformation. A similar transformation in musicianship occurs when a player makes the choice to express music from the heart, not merely the mind. This paradigm shift in thinking results in musicians who are true to themselves and who honor their own musical perspective.


We love the imagery of butterfly wings providing the perfect hand gesture for playing the piano. I'm sure you've seen children imitating flying butterflies, with thumbs linked in the middle? As they unlink their thumbs and continue to fly all over the piano, they experience the artistry and natural grace of relaxed piano hands.

Emerging potential

Everything the butterfly will be, is written into its DNA, even while it is still a caterpillar. In the same way, everything we are is written into our DNA. Musicality is stamped there; a signature blue print... musical potential awaiting discovery and fulfilment.


A butterfly’s wing is made up of many layers. These layers are as unique as our own fingerprints. Scientists refer to these as 'nanoscale variations', and these variations contribute to the exquisite opalescent color in a butterfly's wings. Every musician has a unique musical coloration. Play a Story creates foundational layers, resources for students to experience and celebrate their own unique playable colors

Transient beauty

A butterfly's life span is relatively short. A single butterfly seems to pass through our lives for just a moment before its gone and the next one takes its place. Musical improvisation is a little like that. It is a temporary sound created in the moment. It moves towards us, leaves an impression and then moves on. When we learn to embrace and then release, we allow space for the next moment