Breathe life into your music! 

Inspiration based piano

At InnerMusician you'll learn to freely play, improvise and compose using our original movies, stories and sound effects as your inspiration

Our Programs

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Learn to play the piano through improvisation

  • Discover the music that is within you while learning the piano
  • Tell your story through music
  • Our animated stories and original movie clips will capture your imagination and inspire learning.
  • Used by thousands of students worldwide to begin their musical journey
  • Experienced players, schooled in the traditonal learning methods, have found new joy in their playing with Play a Story
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Compose your own music through improvisation

  • Our space themed movie clips will get your creative juices flowing
  • Develop a strong sense of rhythm through our "tap-along" process
  • Learn the fundamentals of music notation using our intuitive and original planetary system
  • Write your own music as you are transported to different galaxies with our movie clips
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 Damir (Music Producer and parent of Play a Story student) 

'I LOVE the program you’ve come up with, on so many levels. I really think it’s brilliant. I grew up (like most kids) learning about music in terms of ‘right and wrong’ notes, correct or incorrect performance, etc. There is none of that in your program - just the freedom to express oneself and one’s ideas, a set of ‘words’ one can start using to form musical sentences. Thank you for that!'